Video interviews of users

These are unedited videos of users who has provided permissions to publish. We are a clinical research organization & a policy we do not use paid celebrity to exaggerate product benefits or tell unverified facts. The face mask in some user interviews has been used to respect the privacy of individuals as well ethical & legal responsibilities.

Anupam Before Dandrogel used 12-01-2018

Anupam After using Dandrogel 28-12-2017

Manisha Kumari Before Dandrogel used 21-01-2018

Manisha Kumari After using Dandrogel 25-12-2017

Shreya Kumari Before Dandrogel used 13-11-2018

Shreya Kumari After using Dandrogel 18-11-2017

Amit Kejriwal Before Dandrogel used 24-12-2017

Amit Kejriwal After using Dandrogel 28-12-2017